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About Us

Hello fellow outdoor and tactical enthusiasts! 

Who We Are

Here at Republic Tactical we take pride in our outdoor and wilderness experience over the past 30 years. Whether it's hiking, camping, shooting, backpacking, fishing, you name it, we've done it. In addition, we are product and gear knowledge experts, having with thousands of products and hundreds of marketing campaigns over the years. 

Why Republic Tactical

 Even in the age of giant outdoor big box retail stores, it can be very difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. And while we support our local tactical and gun shops, they are limited in how much inventory and selection they can carry economically at any one time. 

So we combine our tactical gear knowledge with the latest retail sales trends and data, providing you the top selections and picks based on our opinion of what might work best for everyone. And truth be known, the best and simplest way to do this is to work through Amazon. There is no doubt they have the largest selection of gear, competitive prices and real customer reviews that we, and you, can trust. 

 We Do The Work For You

Use Republic Tactical as your first stop when looking for that next tactical gear purchases. Check our picks, buying guides and articles first, then easily checkout over at Amazon with their trusted platform. It really is the best way!