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Every Day Carry Essentials

Tactically speaking, being prepared doesn’t necessarily mean you are heading out into the wilderness for three days. In most cases, we are all just going through our normal daily routines, and we face numerous situations each day that need to be resolved.

So today we are reviewing 9 preliminary basic gear items that allow you to be ready for any situation, whether mundane or critical. Known as everyday carry essentials, many of these items you are familiar with, while others may be new to you. Either way, the key to adopting an everyday carry mentality is to use items that are lightweight, discreet and that you like.

Here’s a breakdown of the every day carry essentials you may want to consider as you go through your week (keep reading below, too, because we add another 9 you need!). Using a combination of on-body and off-body in your car, you should be able to handle just about anything life throws at you.

Every Day Carry Essentials Checklist, Part 1

Cell phone
Tactical knife
Personal defense pen/glass breaker/DNA catcher
Aluminum wallet/Kydex wallet
Concealed firearm if you are a CWP holder
Dry Box

Now some of these every day carry essentials are pretty obvious, such as a cell phone. We pretty much all carry our cell phones with us all the time. But, sometimes we forget, and then we really feel unprepared without them. So make this item #1 on your mental checklist at all times.

We like to bucket our every day carry items into small buckets, figuratively speaking. So for example, you have regularly accessed items such as mind blowing Kydex wallet, cash,UV protective sunglasses, a notebook and pen.

We then have our wearable options such as a mechanical watch, headgear and outerwear.

This gear is followed by our function oriented items such as high power LED flashlight, multi-tool and compass.

Next we consider our on-body personal defense options, such as a firearm, tactical knife, personal defense pen, whistle or pepper spray. Now, carrying a small tactical knife, or even pocketknife, will be one of the most used items you can have on your body. From opening boxes to cutting lines to self defense, a good knife is your best investment. And, if you live near any bodies of water, or cross water regularly in a car, then we advise having a personal defense/glass breaker pen on you or in your vehicle. Despite having a super small footprint, the defense pen could very well save your life if you need to exit a sinking vehicle. 

Also, something like this Dry Box from OtterBox is super functional on a daily basis.

Every Day Carry Essentials Checklist, Part 2

If you need to start building out your everyday carry essentials, take a look at the items below. This gear provides a good foundation from which you can then add to as needed. As you will see, there are very effective tools you can carry with you easily, or keep in your car, truck, etc.

Also, don't forget your every day carry bag (for phase 2, also create a bug out bag). By choosing the right size bag, you'll have plenty of organization to get to what you need quickly. 

Tactical keychain
Ear plugs
Credit card survival tool
Pocket organizers
Pepper spray
Super LED pocket flashlight

And here are just a few examples of popular everyday carry items that might fit your lifestyle.

As you can see, being prepared on an everyday basis is pretty easy. And for the most part, we are talking about your everyday life, ie, going to work, the grocery store, the movies, mall, etc.

Do You Have A Good Everyday Carry Knife?

Our fathers and grandfathers knew one thing, and we should, too. Having a good everyday carry pocket folding knife gives you a trusty tool you can use for numerous tasks. And we’re not talking about a Rambo size knife here. Most of today’s high quality folding knives have a very small footprint for inside the pocket or worn as a belt clip.

Everyday Carry Essentials Wrap Up

As you can see, it’s doesn’t take a lot to be prepared on a daily basis. Again, we’re not talking Armageddon here, but rather tools that make your everyday life easier and give you the ability to help others, whether it be family, friends or neighbors. Kids always need something opened for them, or those boxes at the office. Even working from the basis of a good quality folding knife, a pocket flashlight and a tactical pen, you will be much better prepared for your day ahead.