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Tactical Diaper Bags

The Best Tactical Diaper Bags...and Why They Are Superior 

Babies require a lot of gear when you go mobile. A lot. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes or two, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bottles, more diapers, food, sippy cups, toys, breast pumps and on and on. Guys, this can be overwhelming for us, especially when all this gear is dumped into one dark compartment. When there is a baby emergency, you need to be able to access things quickly! 

Now while most women are happy to use a quality diaper bag easily available at the big box retailers, most guys are mortified to have to carry a pink teddy bear diaper bag in public. Well, there is an answer. Tactical diaper bags and carriers. Now guys can go mobile with confidence and make a personal style statement at the same time. 

Key Features: 

  • Superior tactical design and use of space
  • Molle functionality to bolt on additional bags or packs
  • Far better comfort based on field tested tactical packs
  • Excellent durability
  • Water resistance
  • Superior look that gets noticed

Super functional, great looking and let's be honest, tactical designers can make a much better bag than those found in a Target or department store. Today's tactical baby and diaper bags use fabric technology that has been used in the military for years. And for good reason. Parenting on the go is demanding, there is no question about it. You need good, reliable gear. 

Just check out these bad boys! 

Tactical diaper bags just make all the sense in the world. If there was ever a situation where you need the right storage gear, with on demand access - quickly - a tactical diaper solves every issue. Plus, tactical gear is just designed in such a better manner than a typical diaper bag. Tactical bags always have plenty of compartments based on priority of need. You need to get to Cheerios quickly to avert the crying meltdown? Boom, got it, right here in this pocket.

What to Look For In a Tactical Diaper Bag:

Today there are numerous designs and choices for the perfect bag for Dads. Here are a few key design features that you may want to consider: 

Main Compartment Size - look for ample but not oversized space for your big items you need to get to quickly, ie diapers, bottles, food. 

Stroller Straps - these straps allow you to attach the bag to a stroller once you get to where you are going. Very handy and gives you a break carrying that bag. 

Inside Compartments - you want plenty of inside pockets and compartments that you can designate for certain items. For example, baby wipes in one pocket, cell phone pocket, sunscreen pocket and so forth. 

Front Panel Access - a front panel that unzips and folds down is a great feature. It allows you to get to all your main compartments, plus it can double as a diaper changing mat.  

Bottle Holders - this goes without saying. Looks for tactical diaper bags with two bottle holders. 

Ok, so you're on board getting a tactical diaper bag. We might as well start with the best look of all - Camo. Check out these Camo diaper bags! 


Guys, there's no need to fret any more, particularly if you are going solo on an outing with your little one. Go tactical. Set up your rig just like you would a normal tactical pack. Tactical diaper bags are in!