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Finding the Best Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe For Your Needs

Looking to upgrade your home security for your handguns and considering a

biometric fingerprint gun safe? If so, read on, because we have all the details on how to find the best biometric gun safe that fits your individual needs.

In this overview, we will look at the following key considerations before you purchase your new safe: 
  • What is a biometric fingerprint gun safe?
  • How do biometric gun safes work?
  • Pros and cons of biometric versus key code or locking safes
  • Assessing your individual needs
  • What are the best biometric gun safes available today?
Ok, first, let's start by actually just looking at examples of biometric safes, so you can get a feel for design, size and looks. Here are a few:

What is a biometric safe?

Simply put, a biometric safe is a gun safe that scans and reads your fingerprint for access to the contents. So rather than entering a combination or needing a physical key to unlock the safe, you just put your fingers in the biometric scan grooves and quick access is granted. This is essential in a home defense situation where time is of the essence. 

The setup is quite easy for a biometric gun safe. In just a few minutes you can scan your fingerprints and the unit will encode those into its memory. 

Here's a quick video on how a typical biometric fingerprint safe works: 

How does biometric technology work? 

Everyone's fingerprints are unique, and every single fingerprint is unique. Quite a remarkable feature of human nature. A biometric gun safe takes advantage of your unique fingerprint signature, and through a simple scanning process, stores that signature in its memory. Only the person with that fingerprint can access the gun safe and its contents inside. Most biometric safes also allow for multiple fingerprint scans, so for example, you and your spouse could both have instant access to the safe. 

Pros and Cons vs. Conventional Gun Safes

Biometric gun safe technology is really where everything is heading. But the real advantage is how quickly you can access your firearm. Add to that the very good security properties - no one but you or a designated trained person can access the safe - and biometric gun safes are an excellent choice for securing your firearms at home. 

In addition, biometric safes also have an override mechanism, usually by entry of a keycode, that allows you access in the unlikely event of a fingerprint scan failure. 

If there are any drawbacks to a biometric gun safe, it's technology. Like any technology, it could fail. So in a stressful situation, if the scanning mechanism fails, then you have to be trained and ready to access the safe manually. Also, there is additional set up required on the front end for a biometric safe. That being the initial scanning and encoding of your fingerprints. Not a huge issue, but it could be intimidating for certain individuals or older folks. In this case, a traditional code gun safe is probably better. 

Assessing Your Individual Gun Safe Needs

In choosing your new biometric gun safe, you need to assess your situation to really dial in your needs.

  • Am I, my spouse or others comfortable with using a fingerprint scan safe? 
  • Are there children in the home? 
  • How many handguns do I want to store?
  • Are there other valuables you want to store?
  • What size area/location will the safe be stored? 
  • What is my budget for a new biometric gun safe?

By going through a simple checklist, you can easily identify the best biometric gun safe for your needs. 

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Options

With biometric technology advancing quickly and becoming more prevalent, and overall prices coming down, this type of gun safe is a reliable option. And the great news is there is a good variety of sizes and options to choose from. For example: 

  • Nightstand safes
  • Mounted bed side safes
  • Closet safes
  • Under-bed safes

Based on customer reviews, ratings, prices, features and overall reputation, here are some very good options for biometric gun safes:

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Wrap Up

Biometric safe technology gives us the best of all worlds - quick access to our firearms, enhanced security and safety within the household and the peace of mind knowing that with fingerprint technology, it is nearly impossible for someone to access your gun safe without authorization. 

With the world at large seeming becoming more lawless, it's essential we take control and protect our families, property and assets. This means having the ability to react quickly, if necessary, and to be able to access the protection you need at a moment's notice. Having a biometric fingerprint gun safe close by will help you do that.