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Best TSA Approved Gun Cases & Travel Requirements

Best TSA Approved Gun Cases & Travel Requirements

Planning to jet off with your trusty firearm in tow? Let's explore a stress-free, by-the-book approach to make your flying experience a breeze!

Recently, I embarked on an exciting adventure to the mountains, eager to test out my new target pistol for some plinking and precision shooting. Aware that this journey involved air travel, I delved into the world of TSA regulations and requirements to understand the best way to transport my firearm securely and legally within the sky-high domain.

So what are the best TSA approved gun cases? Turns out there are many options for compliant gun cases for secure and hassle-free air travel!

But to get right to it, here's a short list of the top selling TSA gun cases to get you started: 

TSA approved gun case

Top Selling: Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

Rolling: Eylar 53" Inch Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case

Multi: Case Club 10 Pistol Pre-Cut Waterproof Case

Ensuring you choose a case that adheres to the key criteria - a robust hard-sided exterior and lockable mechanism - guarantees approval for airline transportation. Top-notch manufacturers such as Plano, Pelican, Elkton, and Blackhawk proudly present an impressive range of options that effortlessly meet these essential specifications. For example, take a look at the super popular Plano All Weather Watertight case

In today’s tightly controlled and scrutinized airport environments, it’s important to have the right type of pistol and gun case if you plan on traveling with your weapon. It is legal to travel with your gun; however, that gun must be locked in a case that meets the TSA’s requirements. That gun case then needs to be locked and checked as baggage.

Read on to get up to speed on the latest TSA rules and to learn about the best TSA approved gun cases.

TSA Approved Gun Case Requirements

Many gun case manufacturer’s today are making cases to fit TSA requirements. While the requirements for TSA approved gun cases are pretty straight forward, let’s rundown what you need to look for in a gun case.

  • Firearms must be unloaded 
  • Hard side container with a combination or key lock 
  • Case must be locked
  • Firearm parts, including magazines, clips, bolts and firing pins, are prohibited in carry-on baggage, but may be transported in checked baggage.
  • You must declare your firearm when you check your bag

So you need a hard side handgun or rifle case, that will accommodate a key or combination lock. Pretty simple. Now, because we all know how much investment we have in guns, we might also add the following specifications to actually help further protect your guns: 

• Double lock case vs. single 
• Ample foam padded interior 
• Template cutouts in foam if possible or available to hold weapon securely (you can do this yourself quite easily BTW).

Take for example the Pelican 1170 handgun case. This case is the perfect example of functionality and form, and a 5-star rated item. It combines both watertight design with high impact polymer materials, and features foam inserts for handgun protection. It also has an amazing auto-pressurization valve to release air pressure as needed. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are traveling soon, or travel frequently with family members to areas you are unfamiliar with, then check out these personal defense items for every day use

Now, one issue we know that can be a pain is actually finding a good selection of cases. Most gun shops or retailers only carry a limited number of cases, or, they carry cheaper soft sided cases which sell more frequently. Today it’s probably best to buy online from someone with deep inventory, such as Amazon. There you will find a vast selection and you can narrow your search to find the best TSA approved gun cases for yourself.

Gun Case Considerations

Looking for rifle cases? Top Selling Rifle Cases

For those occasions when you need to travel with your firearms, there are some key considerations you need to address. First, do you need to transport a single firearm, or multiple guns? Are you dealing with handguns or long guns? Also, how valuable are those firearms? While in general all firearms are valuable, some of course are much more valuable than others, particularly collectibles or rate firearms. 

When it comes to TSA approved gun cases, a word of advice - don't skimp. It's like buying boots - never skimp on price and quality when it comes to a good pair of reliable boots. Same for gun cases. The TSA requires hard sided cases, so focus your search there. High impact polymer cases are just fine, as are aluminum sided cases. However, in our opinion, polymer might actually be a slightly better choice in terms of impact and overall wear withal. 

What About Ammunition at TSA?

According TSA official guidelines, you can transport ammunition, but only in your checked baggage. No ammo in your carry on, please. Again, this is why it is so importatnt to double check your carry on bags, especially if it is the same bag you use during the week. Check for extra mags! Many athletes, celebrities and everyday people have been detained at TSA security checkpoints due to forgotten mags and ammo in their bags.  

Check out this official video from the TSA on transporting firearms and ammunition: 



To get you started, here are selections of top rated only gun cases laid out by handgun and long gun:


So as you can see, even though air travel today is much more intense and arduous, traveling with you firearm is completely acceptable, as long as you follow a few basic rules. 

And for key considerations when it comes to TSA approved gun cases, remember to evaluate the following checklist: 

  • Compactness and portability - the easier to transport, the better
  • Durability - don't skimp on design and construction. You get what you pay for. 
  • Black vs. stainless steel - black hides everything, but stainless looks great!
  • Consider purchasing open alert locks for your gun case

Now, another HUGE point when it comes to going to the airport with your firearm. While you have taken good measures to secure your guns in TSA approved gun cases, you might forget about your carry piece. For conceal carry folks, please remember to be super diligent on not carrying your concealed weapon into the airport. The biggest issues with TSA and guns comes at the security checkpoints, where many people innocently forget they have a firearm in their bag (women), briefcase, duffle bag, etc. It's those carry on bags that can cause trouble. ALWAYS double check your carry ons prior to entering the airport. Otherwise, you will be detained and fined, no questions asked. 

*TSA rules for gun cases and firearms are different for law enforcement officers. Read here for those requirements. 

Ok, now you know all the basics on TSA approved gun cases, whether for handguns or long guns. Enjoy your new purchase!