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10 Awesome Tactical Dog Items You Need Now

10 Awesome Tactical Dog Items You Need Now

If you are like us, just any old big box store dog harness or leash won't do. Your own tactical gear serves a purpose, and the same goes for our dog companions, whether it be for hunting, fishing, boating, search and rescue or any outdoor activity. But finding the right tactical gear for your dog can be a difficult process.

First, most big pet stores do not carry what you need. And not only do you need to find items that are both comfortable and functional, but also those that match your dog's size and lifestyle. From leashes to harnesses, packs to vests, there is an endless array of tactical gear available for dogs today.

So to help cut right to the chase and save time, here are several performance items that stand out as the most popular and best choices for dog owners. Here's a look at ten very popular tactical gear categories and items for dogs that will elevate your dog's performance and your enjoyment.

1. Tactical Dog Leashes

There are several types of tactical dog leashes available on the market today,  whether you're heading out for a hike or performing search and rescue. Let's take a look at some popular and super functional tactical leashes. 

Tactical Bungee Leash

tactical bungee leash

One popular type of tactical dog leash is the bungee leash. This leash features a stretchy cord that helps to absorb any sudden pulls or jerks from your dog, providing a more comfortable walking experience for both you and your pet. The bungee leash also allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities like hiking or running with your dog. Additionally, the bungee leash often comes with a padded handle for added comfort and grip, and it can be adjusted to different lengths depending on your needs. For these reasons, many dog owners choose the bungee leash for its versatility and practicality.

Hands Free Tactical Dog Leash

Another type of tactical dog leash that has gained popularity among dog owners is the hands-free leash. This leash allows you to keep your hands free while walking or running with your dog, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities or when you need to carry other items. The hands-free leash typically features an adjustable belt that secures around your waist, leaving your hands free to hold a water bottle or use your phone without worrying about your dog pulling or running away.

The leash itself is often made from durable materials like nylon or leather and 

hands free tactical leash

can come in a variety of lengths to suit different needs. Overall, the hands-free leash provides a convenient and practical way for dog owners to enjoy outdoor activities with their pets while keeping their hands free for other tasks.

Tactical dog leashes can also come with reflective strips to increase visibility in low-light conditions. Some leashes are even made from durable materials such as nylon or leather to withstand wear and tear. Ultimately, the type of tactical dog leash you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences as a dog owner.

2. Tactical Performance Dog Collars

There are several types of dog collars available on the market today, each with its own unique features and benefits.

One common type is the adjustable buckle collar, which allows you to adjust the size of the collar for a custom fit. This type of collar typically features a buckle or clasp that can be easily adjusted to fit your dog's neck size. Another option is the martingale collar, which is designed to prevent dogs from slipping out of their collars. The martingale collar features a loop that tightens when pressure is applied, keeping the collar snug around the dog's neck without choking them.

Finally, there are quick-release snap buckle design collars, which allow you to easily remove or put on the collar with just one hand. These collars feature a snap buckle that can be opened and closed quickly, making them ideal for dogs that are always on the go. Ultimately, the type of dog collar you choose will depend on your specific needs as a dog owner, as well as your dog's individual characteristics and behavior.


3. Tactical Harnesses for Dogs

tactical dog harness

If you're planning on taking your pup for a long hike or rock-climbing adventure, a harness is the way to go.

A good harness will keep your dog safe and secure while providing superior control over their movement, without putting too much pressure on their neck and spine. Look for harnesses with adjustable straps, as well as those made from breathable materials like air mesh.



4. Tactical Dog Packs and Storage

Whether you're camping or just spending the day outdoors, having a pack on your pup can make carrying supplies much easier. Dog packs come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you'll want to choose one that fits your pup and also has enough room to store all of your essentials. Look for packs made from durable, lightweight materials such as synthetic fabrics or water-resistant canvas.

5. Boots and Paw Protection for Dogs

If you're taking your pup on a longer journey such as a hike, mountain biking trip, or even just walking over rough terrain, you'll want some boots for added protection. Most dog booties are designed to provide traction and stability on surfaces, while also protecting their paws from debris such as thorns or glass shards. Look for breathable materials with adjustable straps that will keep the boots in place without irritating your pup's skin.

6. Tactical Vests for Dogs

Whether you're heading out into the cold or just need to keep your pup visible in low-light conditions, a tactical vest is the way to go. There are several different designs available, so you can choose one that suits your pup's size and activity level. Look for vests made from water-resistant fabrics such as nylon or fleece, with plenty of reflective details for added visibility.

7. Life Jackets

If you're planning on taking your pup out on a boat or going swimming, having a good life jacket is essential for their safety. Life jackets come in a variety of sizes and styles, so make sure to choose one that can handle the type of water activities you'll be doing. Look for bright colors, reflective details, and designs with adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit.

8. First-Aid Kits for Dogs

Accidents can happen when you're out in the wilderness or just playing around at home, so it's always important to have a first-aid kit on hand. Look for kits that include antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, bandages, and other essential items to quickly take care of any minor injuries.

9. Collapsible Bowls and Containers for Dogs

Having a set of collapsible bowls on hand is great for transporting food or water while out in the wild. Look for lightweight designs that are easy to carry and can be quickly set up when needed.

10. Tactical Dog Backpacks

If you're looking for a way to give your pup a hand while out on an adventure, a dog backpack is the perfect solution. These packs come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your pup's size and also has enough room to store snacks, toys, or any other essential supplies. Look for models made from durable, lightweight materials such as ripstop nylon or air mesh.


Overall, tactical gear can be a great way to ensure your pup is safe and comfortable while out on the trail. From collars and harnesses to life jackets and backpacks, there are plenty of options available for equipping your pup with the right gear for any adventure. Just make sure to choose pieces that are properly sized, made from high-quality materials, and provide enough features to keep your pup safe and secure no matter where you go. With the right tactical gear in hand, you can be sure your pup is ready for whatever comes their way!