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Best Way To Pocket Carry In Shorts

Utilizing the pocket carry method for a firearm can be a very useful if not simple way to ensure you are carrying at all times. Pocket carry can be particularly attractive during the summer months, or in hot climates, where the use of heavier clothes for concealment is not an option, and shorts are the norm. In states such as Florida, Texas and Southern California, a large part of your wardrobe could consist of shorts year-round. Knowing how to successfully pocket carry in shorts is essential. Let’s cover some basics quickly:

Pocket Carry For Shorts Best Practices

  • Select loose fit or cargo style shorts that reduce or eliminate printing
  • Pocket openings large enough to allow for quick access
  • You must have a proper pocket holster that fits the firearm
  • Nothing in the pocket but the firearm itself
  • Belt loops to allow for a belt for secure fit around waist
  • Avoid tighter fitting shorts with slim or tight front pockets

What Can You Pocket Carry?

Smaller firearms typically work best, but everything is relative. If you are a larger individual, you may be able to pocket carry a larger firearm just fine. But in general, some good pocket carry candidates will include smaller .380 calibers such as the Glock 42, Ruger LCP II and so forth. And smaller 9mms can easily be carried in the pocket, such as the Glock 43. It all comes down to personal preference and comfort.

Selecting the Best Shorts for Pocket Carry

Everyone has their particular styles they like, but you might need to adjust that style slightly to accommodate for successful and peace of mind pocket carry, based on the best practices listed above.

While cargo shorts are super popular, they may not be exactly the look you prefer. But with some shopping and research, you should be able to find a good balance and compromise on overall look and functionality.

Overall Fit: for comfortable pocket carry, you’ll want shorts that have some room in them. First, to be able to insert your firearm into the front pocket, but also to get your hand in as well. Here are a few examples of cargo style shorts that tend to work well for pocket carry:

And here you can see various gym shorts that also work quite well:

Here's a helpful video on typical pocket carry methods and looks:

Best Holsters for Pocket Carry

Choosing the right holster for pocket carry, particularly for wearing shorts, is your key to comfort, security and peace of mind. You will find that pocket holsters tend to be simpler in form and style, yet they have key design features suited for functionality within the pocket.

Pocket Holster Basics:

  • Snug fit for basic retention
  • No clip to eliminate snagging on the pocket
  • A variety of materials available
  • Most pocket holsters also incorporate materials to retain the holster in the pocket when drawing the firearm.

A key function of the pocket holster in shorts is to cover the trigger and overall trigger guard. In addition, a good pocket carry holster will break up the outline of the firearm in your pocket, thus creating the look of perhaps a wallet or cell phone in your pocket. 

Here are classic examples of pocket holsters that work well: